Long Island Real Estate Dilemma: Residential Versus Commercial Property

You already have the budget, but it still seems so hard for you to decide on which Long Island real estate properties you are going to purchase. Making a real estate investment often boils down to choosing between residential and commercial properties. You may be wondering which of these two can maximize your chances for making a great investment.

Residential properties are referred to as dwelling units. It can be anywhere from multi families, single-family homes, condos and apartment buildings. On the other hand, commercial properties are the ones that take their income from sources that are non-residential. These can be in the form of retail space, offices and even industrial tenants.

Long Island Real EstateUsually, the decision of purchasing Long Island real estate greatly depends on the global issues that the U.S is currently facing. This is why when buying commercial property, it is really important to be cautious about it. For example, the tenant of your commercial property may no longer pursue expanding their space due to financial constraints. This alone can greatly affect you because you need to make some adjustments on this such as lowering your rental rates. Once the demand for rental spaces also declines, you will also find it hard to pay for the property’s monthly fees.

Residential properties are also more affordable to own because there are instances when the rates of mortgage drop. This is why there are plenty of apartment vacancies as the tenants can already afford to buy their own home. There are also local issues that you need to take into consideration. This can also affect your decision in purchasing a property.

However you should also keep in mind that both residential and commercial properties have their own pros and cons. Residential units can be rented easily and the leases are usually short. It is also easy to finance residential unit and you can easily keep an eye of its progress or development. However, these dwelling units must also be managed properly. If you are going to consider single-family home, you will easily lose 100% of your rental once the tenant decides to move out. More repairs and maintenance are required for older houses and this can cost you more time and money.

With regard to commercial properties, less hands-on management is required and you also get to share the expenses with the tenants especially on repairs and maintenance. You can also be sure that renewals are less frequent and you have specific hours set for complaints. When it comes to financing, commercial properties can be more complex than residential properties. Each type of properties has its own pros and cons but the decision will solely be up to you. Long Island real estate is indeed a good choice regardless if it is commercial or residential.

HCG Pregnancy Hormone 101

Have you ever gone to a clinic and come across the term HCG? Maybe not, unless you are there for a pregnancy test. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin commonly appears in the system when a woman is pregnant.

This is a hormone that is produced by the cells from the placenta. HCG hormone plays a vital role during the early stages of pregnancy as it helps secrete progesterone needed by the growing embryo.

As you can guess, HCG is detected in pregnancy tests. There are two types of HCG tests:

• The qualitative HCG tests is the common method using over the counter pregnancy kits. These test the presence of HCG hormones in the blood.

• The quantitative HCG test is usually done in combination with progesterone. Quantitative HCG is also known as Beta-HCG testing. This is done to diagnose cases of ectopic pregnancy, to detect and continuously monitor possible failing pregnancy, and to keep a watchful eye on a woman’s condition after a miscarriage.

It all sounds so scientific and worrisome, but there are some key things that are important to note about the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

• Levels of HCG will double as pregnancy progresses.

• Do not put too much interpretation on HCG numbers. This is because they are not indications of an unhealthy baby or a problem in the pregnancy.

• In measuring the HCG hormone, milli-international units per milliliter or mlU/ml is used.

• Once a woman reaches an HCG level of up to 2,000 mlU/ml during pregnancy, the ultrasound will show a gestational sac.

• Dating the pregnancy should not be based on HCG levels as numbers can vary.

• A single HCG reading is not enough to provide information for a diagnosis.

• Multiple testings of HCG are done when there are questions concerning the health of the pregnancy.

• There are guidelines to HCG levels during pregnancy. The rise of HCG levels in may vary, but note that the change in level is more important than the level itself.

• Antibodies may interfere with HCG test results.

• Certain medications that contain HCG can interfere with HCG levels. These types of drugs are more related to fertility issues. Other drugs such as pain killers should not affect HCG levels.

PregnancyThe levels of HCG could mean a lot of things. Such results will be read and interpreted for you so there is no cause for panic. Low levels can result to possible miscarriage, a blighted ovum or a case of ectopic pregnancy. High levels on the other hand could indicate multiple pregnancies or a molar pregnancy wherein an abnormal growth of a cyst occurs.

Given the possible scenarios of an HCG testing, does this mean one should go through testing regularly? Quite frankly, it is not common for doctors to check HCG unless signs of possible problems arise. There are also instances during pregnancy when a woman’s HCG level might be checked in the event that there is bleeding, severe cramping, or a history of miscarriage. Otherwise, there is no need to test HCG levels. Now when the pregnancy is over, HCG levels are checked just to make sure that they go back to the normal level.

The human chorionic gonadotropin really is not something that is normally checked. This hormone could, however, be eyed by doctors to diagnose certain conditions. Though it is quite helpful to have an understanding of what it is and its effects, there is really no need to worry too much about it. If a problem occurs due to HCG, your doctor would know and would provide you with the necessary information.

Qualitative HCG tests is the common method using over the counter pregnancy kits, more details are given at 1hcgdrops.